Story of a collaboration by jeremiah mcdonald


Upon discovering my work on YouTube, Jean was struck by several similarities in our artistic endeavours, but also by our physical resemblance. He invited me to come to France.

He dressed me in his idiosyncratic outfit, which served only to confirm that we looked alike, and he also noticed that we behaved similarly on stage. 

Together, we started working on a version, both comic and tragic, of his clown character. During some improvisations, we added elements borrowed from mime. I made a series of short-films based on this character, often putting him in unreal, comical or tragic situations. One of these films, A Lot of Loss, evokes the melancholy of this clown who lives the same routine everyday. Now, Jean begins La Mort d’Adam, a piece based on a very personal event in his life. Having handed over his clown to me, we now share a part of himself and of his story.

Jeremiah McDonald